Gluten free

We are proud to offer a gluten free option on our menu. We are able to provide gluten free fish and chips at all of our restaurants and takeaways. This is available all day seven days a week.

Our frying ranges are large enough to dedicate one of the seven pans solely to frying gluten fish and chips. The gluten free pans are located at the opposite end of the frying range to where our traditional fish and chips are fried. This is to ensure that there is not any cross contamination during the production of the gluten free fish and chips.

In addition we offer our coealic customers gluten free starters including prawn cocktail and a selection of homemade soups. Gluten free desserts such as rice pudding and a variety of home made desserts topped with gluten free ice cream or custard are also available.

Most importantly all of our staff have been fully trained in the importance of good practice in the preparation, cooking and handling of all our gluten free products.


Gluten Free