Wetherby Whaler Guiseley Christmas 2015

Wetherby Whaler revels in festive tradition

The Wetherby Whaler restaurant in Guiseley is continuing a much loved Christmas tradition started by the site’s former owner Harry Ramsden.

In the days when Harry Ramsden occupied the historic building, the huge Christmas tree always had presents under the tree for young diners and played a central part in festive celebrations at the restaurant.

Children would arrive at the restaurant and anxiously await their turn to take a gift from under the tree. When a waitress placed a small token on their table, they knew their time had come to dash under the tree and tear at the paper.

The tradition was resurrected in December 2012 by the Murphy family, who own the Wetherby Whaler. They remembered the joy they felt visiting the restaurant themselves as children, and wanted to revive the tradition so that another generation could take part.

Janine Murphy, Co-owner of the Wetherby Whaler, said: “We are extremely proud to have brought back the tradition. The Harry Ramsden’s Christmas tree was such a special spectacle at the time that families from all over the country travelled to Guiseley see it.

“Older customers often tell us their stories from Harry Ramsden’s day and the Christmas tree is one of the most common things we hear about.

“We wanted to make sure that this lovely tradition was continued when we acquired this site in Guiseley. We wanted to bring these fond memories back to life for those who came as children so that they can share the experience with their children and their grandchildren.”

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