Wetherby Whaler mystery poet York

Search is on for mystery Wetherby Whaler poet

The Wetherby Whaler is on the hunt for a mysterious poet who left a message at its York restaurant.

Staff at Wetherby Whaler in York discovered a laminated poem, signed ‘anonymous’, whilst clearing a table. It described a trip to the City by two men, Ken and Ray, who, according to the secretive rhymester, had their rainy trip to York rescued by a visit to the Whaler to enjoy a Seniors’ Lunch. The restaurant is so enamoured with the verse that they hope that the real Ken and Ray will come forward to enjoy a meal on the house as a thanks for brightening up the restaurant staff’s day.

Sharell Richardson, Area Manager for Wetherby Whaler York, said: “We were so pleased to see that Ken and Ray’s visit to York was saved by a trip to our restaurant. The poem was an unexpected find and put a smile on the faces of everyone at the restaurant. We want to repay the favour and offer them a meal on us as a thanks for cheering us up. We don’t know where they’re from. If you know who the real Ken and Ray are please ask them to give us a call.”

The poem entitled York Rain reads:

Thursdays are usually fine all day

That’s when Ken and Ray go out to play

This week they travelled all the way to York

But why did someone the heavens uncork

So the rain down did lash

Causing them through puddles to splash

They’d been in the Minister with lots to see

But luckily found shelter under a tree

The sky was threatening and very black

As to the bus stop they made their way back

Eventually the rain it did abate

Ensuring for the bus they were not late

The destination Rawcliffe Bar Park and Ride

For there it was where the car they did hide

Fortunately they were soon on their way

To Wetherby Whaler without a delay

There a Seniors Lunch they really enjoyed

So rain had not the day’s pleasure destroyed

- Anon

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