Stuart Andrew Wetherby Whaler

Parliamentary candidate serves customers at Wetherby Whaler for fish and chip day

Conservative Parliamentary candidate Stuart Andrew served customers at Wetherby Whaler’s Guiseley branch as part of its National Fish & Chip Day celebrations.

Mr Andrew joined Wetherby Whaler’s takeaway team during the busy Friday lunch-time shift.

Before serving customers, Mr Andrew was shown how Wetherby Whaler still embraces Yorkshire’s traditional beef dripping frying method and how it has updated its offering with an extensive gluten-free range.

National Fish & Chip Day celebrates the iconic British dish while raising money for the Fishermen’s Mission, which provides active and retired fisherman and their families with practical, spiritual and financial support.

In addition to Mr Andrew’s visit, the restaurant also celebrated Fish & Chip Day with the launch of a new eating challenge, Fish’n Impossible.

Mr Andrew, who hopes to be returned to the Pudsey Horsforth & Aireborough seat which he has held since the 2010 election, said: “It has been fantastic to join Wetherby Whaler’s award-winning team, if only for a short while. I’m a fan of Wetherby Whaler and eat at the restaurant quite regularly so it was great to see it from the other side of the counter. From what I have seen during my time at the Whaler, I am pleased that the British tradition of Friday fish and chips is still going strong here in Yorkshire. Fish & Chip Day is an important opportunity for everyone to celebrate this important British dish. There are around 10,000 dedicated fish and chips shops throughout the UK, many of which are family-owned. Together they contribute millions to the economy each year and are an intrinsic part of British life, so it’s important that people support their local chippy.”

Ryan Dean, Manager at Wetherby Whaler’s Guiseley, said: “Fish & Chip Day is all about celebrating fish and chips, while raising money for a very worthy cause in the form of the Fishermen’s Mission. It was great to have Stuart here to lend us a helping hand during what is one of our busiest days of the week. He was a great help and got on really well with the customers. I hope next time he’s in he will give the Fish’n Impossible challenge a go!”

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