Wetherby Whaler Seafood Week

Wetherby Whaler celebrates Seafood Week with one-off menu

Wetherby Whaler is celebrating Seafood Week (6 - 13 October) by offering customers the chance sample the ocean’s bounty with a special dish offered each day.

Starting on Friday 6 October, Wetherby Whaler’s restaurants in Wakefield, Wetherby, York, Guiseley and Pudsey will offer a different sea food for customers eager to try something other than its famous haddock.

The initiative is part of Seafood Week, an annual campaign aimed at getting people to eat more fish, more often. It kicks off with Fish Pun Day on 6 October during which members of the public are challenged to post their favourite fish puns and jokes on social media.

Mark Savage, Senior Manager at the Wetherby Whaler, said: "This Seafood Week, Wetherby Whaler is giving customers a fantastic opportunity to try something a little bit different. We’re famous for our award-winning haddock, but there are lots of other fish, which can be often overlooked. This is our first time taking part in Seafood Week. We let some team members try the different fish and sea fish before settling on our menu. Feedback was great and we’re really excited to see how the public react. We will continue to sell our normal menu, but this is a nice added extra. I hope that people will take advantage of Seafood Week to order something they perhaps wouldn’t associate with a fish and chip restaurant."

Friday 6 October – Cod
Saturday 7 October – Pollock
Sunday 8 October – Scampi
Monday 9 October – Salmon
Tuesday 10 October – Plaice
Wednesday 11 October – Prawns
Thursday 12 October – Hake
Friday 13 October – All previous offers, subject to availability.

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